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Although concrete information does not exist, we can say that the origin was given in 1835 in England and Scotland.

In 1865 there are announced in England the first named retrievers of long hair Flat o Wavy- black Coated Retrievers and occasionally it was possible to find pups in brown color, or yellow of black parents.

There exists a version of which the ascendancies of Golden Retriever were a few Russian dogs that in his Country were used like sheep custodians in the mountains. The copies of the race were measuring 76 cm and were going so far as to weigh 45 kg and were very resistant to the colds of the Asian Russia. It detected his big intelligence to itself, motivated by which they were used in circuses and the first copies were found by Lord Tweedmouth en Brighton, while these were of tour.

In 1835 taking black Wavy-Coated Retrievers as parents obtaining a dog called Nous yellow color which had excellent conditions for the hunting. In the same period bought a female Tweed Water Spaniel and makes her serve with (yellow) Nous, of this crosses obtain 4 black puppies called Wavy-Coated Retrievers, predecessors of the actual Flat - Coated Retrievers.


Tweed Water Spaniel was littles Retrievers whose color was changing from the brown the yellow one, provided with intelligence and skill for the cashing.
Finally the race is recognized at Kennel Club of England in 1903 although not like Golden Retrievers but like Flat - Coated Golden.

In the year 1911 a copy appears in England Kennel Club and the Golden recognizes this one as a separated race naming it "Yellow Golden Retriever" but in 1930 it is eliminated of his name remaining registered like "Golden Retriever".

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