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Our history begins with the arrival of my first Golden Retriever "Brenda". From here it began my dedication, I investigated and I was living with her through my first experiences in exhibitions during the year 2002, 2003 and part of 2004, then I understood, that her qualities and structure, they were expiring with my targets to breed the race, and this way I selected carefully the blood line to realize the first crosses and it was when, after seeing the fenotipics and genotipics results obtained, I decided to repeat it to fulfill with my desire to obtain me firstly show dog, MBIS ARG. CH. INT. CHI Liberty Britney Megan, GOLDEN RETRIEVER BREED WINNER FCA 2006, 2007 INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION, 2008 ARGENTINE CHAMPION.

Our breeding:
It is ruled from the selection of the best lines of blood on a global scale with the only end, "to define a structure in Golden's" and that's why we work untiringly to achieve it, always as a whole with our families and with qualified professionals and breeders who love the race as we!!


It was the name of the first golden retriever who lived at the White House, as a pet of the president Gerald Ford, managing to spread the race in USA.

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Liberty Golden Kennel
National and International Kennel FCA 22747 Federación Cinológica Argentina
Inside Argentina Phone: (011)15-57020040 o (0221)4578497 After 20 Hs.
Outside Argentina Phone: (0054)911-57020040 o (0054)221-4578497 After 20 Hs.
mail: info@libertygolden.com.ar

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